Menstrual cycle-related conditions, such as dysmenorrhea and heavy bleeding, are common amongst those under 25 years. Despite having significant impact on work, education, and social activities, most do not seek medical advice, preferring to self-manage their symptoms.

Seventy-five participants with a mean age of 20.4 years were enrolled with 56 (75%) providing pre and post measures. Eighty five percent of the participants reported the web-based resource was easy to use, and 90% reported they found the information provided ‘very helpful’. Just under half (48%) reported the resource changed what they thought was a ‘normal’ period. Forty-three percent visited their doctor regarding their menstrual symptoms during the study period, with 84% indicating that they made the appointment due to the resource; over half (56%) who visited their doctor received a referral to a gynecologist.

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