In a first of its kind collaboration, transdisciplinary Australian researchers, activists, and policy makers working in the area of menstrual justice came together for the Menstruation, Law and Justice Symposium on 16 February 2023, at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, on the lands of Gadigal People of the Eora Nation.

They shared their research relating to menstruation as it intersects with children’s rights, disability rights, gender rights, health, human rights, Indigenous women’s health, industrial relations, law, political economy, psychology, public health, sociology, and tax law and policy.

Symposium participants propose the following Policy Recommendations for reform by all levels of government in Australia to advance human rights and justice for menstruators:

  • The Australian governments of all levels take actions to achieve menstrual justice including the identification, reduction, and remedying of harms resulting from discrimination and mistreatment of people who menstruate.
  • That they continue to build on their efforts to address some of the discrimination and mistreatment with important law and policy initiatives that provide free menstrual products in schools and elimination of the tampon tax and work to address the additional stigma and discrimination experienced by people who menstruate because it is corrosive and harmful.
  • To assist the governments in improving menstrual justice in Australia, Symposium attendees provided policy recommendations in the following areas of concern: Public Awareness, Curriculum, Schools, Workplaces, Public Buildings and Housing, and Discrimination and Coercion.

To read the full list of recommendations download the Menstrual Justice Framework.