2024 Commissioner’s period justice grants announced

The Commissioner for Children and Young People’s Small Grants Program offers up to $5000 for activities related to raising menstrual awareness, providing menstruation education, and supporting menstrual management for young people. Sports Clubs, arts organisations,...

SA takes women’s pain seriously

A landmark South Australian parliamentary inquiry is focused on making life easier for women with endometriosis. The Parliamentary Select Committee into Endometriosis has been set up to find out exactly how women and gender...

CCYP’s Period Justice Working Group

Seeking period justice for young South Australians is the goal of a working group of the same name, that was recently established by Commissioner for Children and Young People, Helen Connolly. Following on from the success of CCYP’s inaugural Youth Period Summit...

Building Period Positive Sports Clubs

Young people report missing out on a range of activities they enjoy when they have their period.This guide will help sporting clubs ensure that members who menstruate feel supported and comfortable while playing sport. Read the guide here.

Systemic issues continue to create injustice for those who menstruate, impacting their ability to engage equally in education, employment, sport and social activities.

Beyond ‘women’s health’ policies, menstruation is rarely considered by governments, despite its impact on the lives of girls and young women, including educational engagement, social integration, employment and physical activity.

Many young people report facing barriers to managing their periods, including

  • not having the education to understand what is happening to their bodies,
  • not having access to affordable products,
  • not knowing how best to deal with their symptoms, and
  • not knowing when they need to go to the doctor for help.

Social, cultural and sexual prejudices all restrict young women’s fulfilment of their rights. The Commissioner is calling for a collaborative, consultative, cross government response to acknowledge the need for proactive policies to meet the needs of those who menstruate. This must include adequate resources to put in place improved education, facilities, free product provision, healthcare, and other supports children and young people tell us they need in relation to menstruation.

Schools, employers, sports clubs, governments and communities all need to put the policies, strategies and facilities in place that will enable all children and young people to participate fully in all aspects of their lives, whether or not they menstruate.


The Commissioner highlighted these issues in her Menstruation Matters (2021) report, and while many improvements have been achieved since then, period poverty, stigma, and prejudicial practices still stop those who menstruate participating equally in everyday activities.

The Commissioner continues to fund, to advocate for, and to work collaboratively with government, business and community groups to:

  • develop a cross government framework for menstrual wellbeing
  • promote high quality information and education in schools for girls and boys from primary school upwards
  • raise awareness of period poverty in communities and to reduce ignorance and the stigma of menstruation;
  • provide greater access to toilets, disposal units and free period products in community spaces.

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If you would like to help the Commissioner take action get in touch here: CommissionerCYP@sa.gov.au

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