The ovulatory-menstrual cycle is central to wellbeing. With 40 to 50 years of periods ahead of them, adolescent girls deserve the best possible start to life as strong healthy women. Using the principles of Positive Education, a Health Promoting School can help make this a reality.

Many adolescent girls experience ovulatory-menstrual health difficulties, such as painful periods, premenstrual symptoms, abnormal bleeding and irregular cycles. These have been associated with school absenteeism, poorer classroom performance, a negative body image, the onset of eating disorders, self-injury, and poor quality of life. A review of resources suggests that this stigmatized subject can be presented inaccurately and negatively. This may explain schools’ tendency to outsource this taboo topic to external guest facilitators.

My Vital Cycles™ aims to address these problems by developing and trialling a school-based ovulatory-menstrual health literacy program centred on the whole person.

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